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Vecellio Group Climbs ENR’s “Top 400” Contractor Rankings

The Vecellio Group, Inc. has moved up 15 spots to #153 on Engineering News-Record’s annual ranking of the Top 400 contractors in the United States. In its specialty, transportation construction, the Vecellio Group ranks in the Top 30. The Group’s operations include heavy/highway and bridge construction, asphalt contracting, asphalt paving, limestone aggregate production, golf course…

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I-540 Project • Raleigh, NC

Above: To minimize environmental impact on V&G’s I-540 highway construction project in Raleigh, NC, crews are building a temporary work platform from which to build twin bridge spans over Beaverdam Lake. After the bridges are built, the work platform will be disassembled and moved to Neuse River for construction of another set of spans over…

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US-64 Project • Raleigh, NC

Above: Carpenters form the bridge deck on New Hope Road bridge during construction of Vecellio & Grogan’s US-64 project in Raleigh, NC. The project is expected to be finished in September. Above: Foreman Chris Harkin, also on V&G’s US-64 project, supervises concrete deck pouring on the bridge over Crabtree Creek. Above: A Vecellio & Grogan…

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