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Smart Planning & Value Engineering Save Project Owner Plenty Of Green On V&G’s ‘Western Loop’ Project
(4th Quarter 2014)

Any time you can save a project owner several million dollars and reduce your own costs as well, that’s a pretty good day at the office — and on the job — in this case, a 1.7-mile “Western Loop” section of freeway going up around Greensboro, NC, where “green” was saved in more ways than one. A high level of efficiency is a hallmark of the services provided by Vecellio & Grogan, as well as the other companies of the Vecellio Group.

This article and more are featured in the Vecellio Group’s 4th Quarter 2014 VanGuard.

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VanGuard -- Vecellio Group, Inc.

Vecellio & Grogan and its Divisions Making Good Progress

V&G's Heavy/Highway Projects in Multiple States, along with News from Sharpe Bros. and White Rock Quarries, plus the Group's Energy and Florida Construction Operations, all featured In VanGuard

(3rd Quarter 2014)

Vecellio & Grogan is making good progress on heavy/highway construction and site development work totaling nearly $200 million across multiple mid-Atlantic states. In North Carolina, its Sharpe Bros. division has surpassed eight years of working safely with "No Lost Time," while in Florida, its White Rock Quarries division is preparing new sections for mining. 

This and other news from the Vecellio Group, including activities at Vecenergy, its energy division, and Ranger Construction, the Group's Florida-based roadwork and site development contractor, are highlighted in the 3rd Quarter 2014 VanGuard, also available online

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VanGuard -- Published by Vecellio Group, Inc.

VanGuard Highlights Latest Contracting, Mining & Energy News, Including Vecellio & Grogan's Highway Projects & Slide Repair Work
(1st/2nd Quarter 2014)

Vecellio & Grogan's success as a heavy/highway contractor is well-known, but it isn't the only Vecellio company making big strides lately. Florida-based Ranger Construction is also staking its claim as an elite design-build partner.

The 1st/2nd Quarter 2014 VanGuard, also available online, includes this and many other company and project stories and photos from around the Group, including a look at some of Vecellio & Grogan's current and recent projects.

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VanGuard -- Published by Vecellio Group, Inc.

Busy Asphalt Plants Recertified As 'Diamonds'; VanGuard Highlights Why NAPA's Review Program Is So Important For Customers, Local Communities & The Environment
(4th Quarter 2013)

For the Vecellio companies, the high-quality, award-winning work of our paving crews is backed by the same high standards at our quality-controlled asphalt plants, once again earning Diamond Achievement Commendations from the National Asphalt Pavement Association for the busy facilities of Ranger Construction in Florida and Sharpe Bros. in North Carolina. The 4th Quarter 2013 VanGuard also includes many other company and project news and photos from around the Vecellio Group.

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VanGuard -- Published by Vecellio Group, Inc.
Vecenergy-Led Partnership Permits & Builds Rail Facility For Major Oil Company, As Featured In 3rd Quarter 2013 VanGuard
(3rd Quarter 2013)

Vecenergy is earning a reputation in the energy industry for creative thinking, problem-solving and getting things done, as highlighted in VanGuard, the Vecellio Group's award-winning publication. The 3rd Quarter 2013 issue features Vecenergy's work for Motiva Enterprises LLC, a Shell and Saudi Refining Inc. joint venture, to permit and construct an ethanol railcar unloading facility at Port Everglades. The issue also includes many other company and project news and photos from around the Vecellio Group.

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VanGuard -- Published by Vecellio Group, Inc.
Vecellio & Grogan's 75th Anniversary Celebrated In 1st/2nd Quarter 2013 VanGuard
(1st/2nd Quarter 2013)

The 75th anniversary of Vecellio & Grogan, the Group's flagship company now in its fourth generation of family-owned and operated management, is celebrated in the 1st/2nd Quarter 2013 issue of VanGuard.

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VanGuard -- Published by Vecellio Group, Inc.
Leo A. Vecellio, Jr., Receives 2013 ARTBA Award
(1st/2nd Quarter 2013)

Leo A. Vecellio, Jr., chairman, president & CEO of the Florida-based Vecellio Group, Inc. and Wisconsin Rep. Tom Petri (R-Wis.) are the recipients of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s (ARTBA) highest honor—the 2013 “ARTBA Award,” which was presented at a gala dinner June 3 during the association’s Federal Issues Program in Washington, D.C.

VP Equipment Dan Castrodale Retires After 40+ Years
(June 2013)

Friends, family and colleagues gathered in June 2013 to celebrate the 40-year-plus career of Dan Castrodale, who has retired from his position as Vecellio & Grogan's Vice President -- Equipment.
Vecellio Group Publishes 4th Quarter 2012 VanGuard In Online Edition
(4th Quarter 2012) -- The 4th Quarter 2012 edition of VanGuard, the Vecellio Group's award-winning company newsmagazine, is now available as an online issue, in addition to its regular print distribution. Contents include...
VanGuard 4th Quarter 2012 -- Published by Vecellio Group, Inc.
Vecellio Group Publishes Online Edition of 3rd Quarter 2012 VanGuard
(3rd Quarter 2012) -- The 3rd Quarter 2012 edition of VanGuard, the Vecellio Group's award-winning company newsmagazine, is now available as an online issue, in addition to its regular print distribution. Contents include...

Energy Companies Generating Site Work For V&G; Several Projects Are Design-Build
(1st/2nd Quarter 2012) -- Road construction in the mid-Atlantic states is more valley than peak these days due to funding limitations, but energy-related site work has continued heading upward for Vecellio & Grogan, with several recent projects involving design-build work.

Contractor’s Expertise Adds Major Value To Design-Build Partnerships
(1st/2nd Quarter 2012) -- A message from Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. -- In the face of smaller budgets, transportation officials are turning more frequently to the design-build delivery method. It’s an alternative way of getting an infrastructure improvement, especially on new construction or large rehabilitation projects. This method is sometimes quicker than the traditional design-bid-build, but not always cheaper.

Sharpe Takes Lead On Joint Project With Vecellio & Grogan
(1st/2nd Quarter 2012) -- Although Sharpe Bros. is actually a division of Vecellio & Grogan, the tables are turned on a new road construction project in High Point, NC, with V&G working for Sharpe.

Supervisor Awards, 'No Lost-Time' Milestones Show Safety Commitment
(1st/2nd Quarter 2012)-- At the Vecellio companies, keeping our crews and work areas safe is the most important job our team leaders do. This safety effort requires attention throughout each work shift, day or night, with regular training sessions and safety meetings to maintain peak awareness of “Job #1.”

Group Announces Safety Phrase Contest Winners for 2012
(1st/2nd Quarter 2012) -- The Vecellio Group held a 2012 Safety Phrase Contest to promote safety awareness at its operating units.


V&G Draws On Extensive Experience In Mountainous Regions
(4th Quarter 2011) -- Vecellio & Grogan is working with Chesapeake Energy in the ridgelines of northern West Virginia to correct a number of gas well drilling sites which were originally constructed by another contractor and have begun to fail or slide.

Driving In Harsh Winter Weather Calls For Extra Safety Steps
(4th Quarter 2011) -- Harsh winter conditions, such as snow, freezing temperatures or icy roads, make driving more challenging. Here are some tips to help you stay safer

Vecellio Family Foundation Supports Higher Education, Provides $110,000 For 11 Scholarships
(4th Quarter 2011) -- Three dependents of Vecellio Group employees and eight other graduating high school seniors received scholarships worth a total of $110,000 from the Vecellio Family Foundation in 2011.

Long-Timers Demonstrate Skill And Dedication Needed To Succeed
(4th Quarter 2011) -- A message from Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. -- When measuring business success, it’s natural to think in terms of a financial report. But beyond how a company fares with its customers and suppliers is another important metric: how it fares with its employees.

Construction or Art? Work ‘Lens’ Itself To Both
(4th Quarter 2011) -- Two Vecellio Group project photos were prominently recognized recently, one as a runner-up in ENR's 2011 Images of the Year in Construction contest, while the other was published in Transportation Builder magazine's annual "Through The Lens" photo feature.

V&G Mines Decades Of Experience Providing Reliable Coal Site Preparation
(3rd Quarter 2011) -- With coal markets energized by high oil prices and global steel demand, mine operators are turning to Vecellio & Grogan’s site preparation services as a cost-effective way to access their reserves.

V&G Rises To Meet Grading and Bridge Challenges In WV
(3rd Quarter 2011) -- Vecellio & Grogan’s grading and bridge crews faced especially difficult construction challenges on two West Virginia highway projects, but once again have proved up to the task.

Project Owners Can Boost Buying Power, Spur Economy
(3rd Quarter 2011) -- A message from Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. -- For project owners, one of the upsides during a slow economy is getting more work done for less money due to the extremely competitive bidding environment.

Sharpe Tops Five Years With No ‘Lost-Time’ Incidents
(3rd Quarter 2011) -- Sharpe Bros., a Vecellio & Grogan division serving the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina with grading, paving and utilities services, has surpassed another safety milestone by working more than five years with no "lost-time" incidents.

2011 Vecellio Lecture Features John Hillman, Inventor of Hybrid-Composite Beam for Bridge Construction
(3rd Quarter 2011) -- John R. Hillman, Engineering News-Record’s 2010 Award of Excellence recipient, presented this year’s Vecellio Lecture at Virginia Tech. Hillman holds three patents for his invention of the Hybrid-Composite Beam (HCB) used in bridge construction.

Vecellio Group VP Safety John West Retires
(3rd Quarter 2011) -- John West, the Vecellio Group’s Vice President of Safety, has retired after nearly 37 total years of service with Vecellio & Grogan, Ranger Construction, and Vecellio Management Services.

Group Welcomes Mark Ligon, VP Safety
(3rd Quarter 2011) -- Mark Ligon has joined the Vecellio Group as VP of Safety, replacing John West, who has retired.

Got Concerns? Make an Anonymous Report at or Call 877-210-7643
(3rd Quarter 2011) -- The Vecellio Group has improved online access to its ethics website, launched last year for reporting potential concerns. The website now has a new name that is easier to remember:

In Memoriam: Mike Sherwood
(3rd Quarter 2011) -- Lennis E. “Mike” Sherwood, who started as a Laborer and became one of Vecellio & Grogan's top Project Superintendents during his 53 years with the company, passed away this year.

Noted Bridge Builder V&G Provides Expertise To Design-Build Partners, GCs
(1st/2nd Quarter  2011) -- As a proven bridge builder with decades of experience, Vecellio & Grogan wants to span the gap when general contracting or engineering firms need an innovative bridge partner on design-build projects, or when GCs need a bridge subcontractor.

Mine Site Work Includes Reclamation, Excavation and Overburden Removal
(1st/2nd Quarter  2011) -- At Buck Lilly Surface Mine in Rupert, WV, Vecellio & Grogan is performing mine reclamation and overburden removal for Greenbrier Smokeless Mining. The company is also performing excavation and overburden removal for a surface coal mine in Virgie, KY, for Viking Acquisition Group.

For Best Value On Site Work, Go With High-Quality At Fair & Honest Price
(March 2011) -- Vecellio & Grogan is performing excavation and stormwater work for the parking areas and outparcels of a new Walmart in Huntington, WV. That’s not unusual, as V&G specializes in all types of site work. What makes this job stand out is that the Walmart is already built and open for business.

Providing Excellent Value Is at the Core of Our Diversified Operations
(1st/2nd Quarter 2011) -- A message from Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. -- Providing exceptional value has been a key factor in our success over the decades and has earned us a trusted reputation in the industries we serve.

Group Recognizes 145 Supervisors In Annual Safety Awards Program
(1st/2nd Quarter 2011) -- The Vecellio Group's annual Supervisor Safety Awards program honored 145 supervisors who performed at or above four high-level benchmarks, based on criteria tracked throughout the year.


National Magazine Features V&G Bridge Construction In Photo Feature
(4th Quarter 2010) --
A Vecellio & Grogan bridge construction photo was recently featured in a national magazine's showcase of transportation construction projects around the country.

What Drives Long-Term Success? A Resilient, Resourceful Team
(4th Quarter 2010)  -- A message from Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. -- In our many decades as a contractor, we’ve experienced a number of boom and bust cycles. One thing has held true throughout these cycles and it holds true today: the men and women in our lines of work are hardy, resilient folks.

Turning Asphalt Into ‘Diamonds’: Sharpe, Ranger Earn Commendations
(4th Quarter 2010) -- All 10 Vecellio Group asphalt plants once again meet the high standards of the National Asphalt Pavement Association’s Diamond Commendation program, which establishes criteria for excellence in plant operation and maintenance.

Vecellio Foundation Provides $100,000 For 10 College Scholarships In 2010
(4th Quarter 2010) -- Since 1973, the Vecellio Family Foundation has helped dependents of Vecellio Group employees, as well as students at selected West Virginia high schools, to further their education. This year the Foundation funded 10 college scholarships worth $10,000 each.

Vecellio Companies ‘Do The Right Thing,’ Set Up Anonymous Ethics Hotline & Website
(4th Quarter 2010) -- When the Vecellio Group tells its employees to “Do The Right Thing,” that’s not just a company motto. The Group has set up an ethics hotline and website so any concerns can be reported anonymously.

Use Your Head — Wear Your Hard Hat!
(4th Quarter 2010) -- Hard hats are a necessary item in our personal protective gear and their use is a mandatory part of our safety protocol.

Vecellio & Grogan Project Notes
(4th Quarter 2010) -- Vecellio & Grogan continues making good progress on new road construction in West Virginia and mine site-prep work in Illinois.

User Fee Would Fund Six-Year Transportation Bill
(3rd Quarter 2010) -- A message from Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. -- Raising taxes during a slow economy may seem backwards, but when it’s a pennies-per-gallon user fee on gasoline to pay for a multi-year surface transportation bill, then it makes good sense .

Group’s Safety Records Honored
(3rd Quarter 2010) -- The Vecellio Group’s emphasis on safety is reflected in the safety records of its companies and divisions, with most seeing hundreds of thousands of hours worked with no lost-time incidents.

V&G’s $32 Million Corridor "H" Project: One Of Toughest Jobs Ever
(3rd Quarter 2010) -- A Look "Through The Lens" at Vecellio & Grogan's Corridor "H” Highway Construction Project in Grant County, West Virginia.

V&G’s East Beckley Bypass Job Rises High Above Cranberry Creek
(3rd Quarter 2010) -- A Look "Through The Lens" at Vecellio & Grogan's East Beckley Bypass Construction Project in Beckley, West Virginia.

In Memoriam: John DeFrehn, V.P. — Finance
(3rd Quarter 2010) -- John DeFrehn, a 40-year employee who rose through the ranks to become the Vecellio Group’s Secretary/Treasurer and Vice President — Finance, passed away in June after a long illness.

Better Education? Vorster Explains How At Virginia Tech’s 2010 Vecellio Lecture
(3rd Quarter 2010) --  “Teaching and Learning: The Critical Balance in Effective Education” will be presented by Michael C. Vorster, the David H. Burrows Professor Emeritus of Construction Engineering at the school.

ENR Ranks Vecellio Group As #177
(3rd Quarter 2010) -- Vecellio Group, Inc. is currently ranked #177 on “The Top 400 Contractors” list, published annually by Engineering News-Record.

Matt Farley Promoted to V.P. — Structures
(3rd Quarter 2010) -- Matthew A. Farley has been promoted to Vice President —Structures at Vecellio & Grogan. His previous title was Structure Operations Engineer, where he led V&G’s bridge estimating team and assisted with field operations.

Vecellio & Grogan Crews Digging Deep, Rising High
(1st/2nd Quarter 2010) -- V&G's workload includes digging a slope shaft at Deer Run Mine in Hillsboro, IL, and
bridge construction in Beckley, WV.

Vecellio Group Reviews Latest CAT Equipment
(1st/2nd Quarter 2010) -- Management from the Vecellio Group and subsidiaries, including Vecellio & Grogan, visited Caterpillar’s Illinois demonstration center recently to review new equipment.

Sharpe Bros. Project Photo Is Finalist In ENR Contest
(1st/2nd Quarter 2010) -- A photo of paving work by Vecellio & Grogan's Sharpe Bros division was selected as a finalist in Engineering News-Record’s 2009 photo contest.

Safety Leads the Way to Efficient Production
(1st/2nd Quarter 2010) -- A message from Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. -- Working safely is the first order of business for our Group. At every division and level, we have safety training and monitoring programs in place to make sure this message stays front and center.

April Brings Safety Awareness
(1st/2nd Quarter 2010) -- National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week was held in April, as was National Safe Digging Month, with both promoting increased jobsite safety.

V&G Earns CAWV Safety Commendation
(1st/2nd Quarter 2010) -- In recognition of Vecellio & Grogan’s exemplary safety record last year, the Contractors Association of West Virginia recently presented the company with a 2009 Certificate of Safety Achievement, Honorable Mention, Highway Division.


Vecellio Group CEO Elected ARTBA Foundation Chairman
(4th Quarter 2009) -- Leo A. Vecellio, Jr., has been elected to chair the development arm of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, the industry’s leading advocate before Congress and the White House, it was announced at the association's recent national convention.

Vecellio Group Ranks #157 On ENR's "Top 400 Contractors" List
(4th Quarter 2009)
-- Vecellio Group, Inc. consistently appears in the top half of Engineering News-Record's annual "Top 400 Contractors" list and the 2009 rankings are no exception. Based on 2008 contracting revenues, the Group moved up to #157 on the list.

Vecellio & Grogan Awarded Two Projects Totaling $52 Million In WV
(3rd Quarter 2009) -- Crews are reaching new heights on a $19.8 million stimulus bridge project in Beckley, while in Grant County the company will build a $32 million section of Corridor H.  

Paving Caps $200 Million In Piedmont Triad International Airport Work
Jose Garnica-Sosa runs a compactor as a FedEx plane lands in the background. (3rd Quarter 2009) -- Heavy/highway contractor Vecellio & Grogan and its grading and paving division, Sharpe Bros., are capping five and a half years of site development, road- and bridge-building, and runway construction to accommodate expansions at Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, NC.

Sharpe Bros. Applies Its High-Quality Paving Expertise
To Resurfacing Projects For HOAs, Property Managers

(3rd Quarter 2009) -- High-quality industrial, highway and runway paving is just part of the asphalt line-up at Sharpe Bros. The Vecellio & Grogan division also specializes in milling and resurfacing roadways and parking areas in the North Carolina's Piedmont Triad area.

Vecellio Group Operations Extend “No Lost Time” Safety Records
(3rd Quarter 2009) -- Vecenergy marks five years, Sharpe Bros. reaches three years, and White Rock Quarries and Vecellio & Grogan's Beckley shop crew both surpass one year with no "Lost Time" incidents.

Safely Building Infrastructure Takes A Total Team Effort
(3rd Quarter 2009) -- A message from Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. -- Building and maintaining transportation infrastructure takes a total team effort. So does keeping everyone safe in and around our job sites.

Torgersen Gives 2009 Vecellio Lecture
(3rd Quarter 2009) -- Professor Paul E. Torgersen, an Industrial Engineer whose career at Virginia Tech spans 43 years, including 20 years as a Dean and seven as University President, is the presenter of this year’s Vecellio Lecture, held at the university in October.

Energy Plant Sprouts Up On V&G Earthwork
(1st/2nd Quarter 2009) -- Vecellio & Grogan crews are making excellent progress preparing the site for a new Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center in St. Paul, Virginia.

Annual Supervisor Awards Prove Safety Pays
(1st/2nd Quarter 2009) --
Recognizing the important role Supervisors play in keeping crews and work zones safe in the day-to-day operations of its companies and divisions, the Vecellio Group presented more than 160 Supervisor Safety Awards and bonuses for job performance in 2008.

Results Prove Job Site Quality, Safety and Efficiency Are “Worth Doing Right”  A message from Leo Vecellio, Jr.
(1st/2nd Quarter 2009) -- “If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” That old saying is just as true today as it’s ever been and we strive to take that attitude to heart throughout our organization.

Shelby Jarrell Retires After 52 Years Of Service
(1st/2nd Quarter 2009) --
After hiring on as a Laborer at Vecellio & Grogan more than five decades ago, Shelby Jarrell retires as a Vice President of Ranger Construction.

Smile... You're On 'Vecellio Group' Camera!
(1st/2nd Quarter 2009) -- Here are a few snapshots of some people behind the scenes at the Vecellio Group...

Great Deal For 401(k) Savers: 50% Match
(1st/2nd Quarter 2009) --
In a welcome bit of economic news, participants in the Vecellio Group’s 401(k) plan received the same generous gift from the company this year as in 2008 — a 50 percent match on all contributions up to 6 percent of an employee’s paycheck.

Vecellio Group's VanGuard Magazine, Marketing Brochure Earn 5 Communicator Awards
(1st/2nd Quarter 2009) -- The Vecellio Group's VanGuard newsmagazine and an energy division marketing brochure have been named five-time winners in the 2009 Communicator Awards, hosted by the International Academy of the Visual Arts.


Staying True To Values Leads To Long-Term Success
(4th Quarter 2008)

Vecellio Group's Asphalt Facilities Earn NAPA's ‘Diamond’ Commendations
(4th Quarter 2008)

Leading by Example, In Business and Philanthropy
(4th Quarter 2008)

$10,000 College Scholarships Awarded To Mercedes Machado, Natasha Rosales, 8 Others
(4th Quarter 2008)

History Abounds In Good Design Lessons, Says Henry Petroski At 2008 Vecellio Lecture
(4th Quarter 2008)

Celebrating 70 Years, A Tradition of Excellence Since 1938Vecellio & Grogan: 70 Years of Integrity, Quality & Service
(3rd Quarter 2008)

Living The Legacy Is A Humbling, Yet Truly Fulfilling Experience
(3rd Quarter 2008)

Bridge Crew Pours It On To Overcome Flood Delays
(3rd Quarter 2008)

Recycled Asphalt Flies at Greensboro Airport Job
(3rd Quarter 2008)

Crews Achieve “No Lost Time” Milestones
(3rd Quarter 2008)

We Build Success By Meeting Opportunities, Challenges Head-On
(1st / 2nd Quarters 2008)

Crews Rise Above Challenges On WV Bridge Job
(1st / 2nd Quarters 2008)

Hard Day’s (& Night’s) Work
(1st / 2nd Quarters 2008)

V&G Absolutely, Positively Delivers On FedEx Job
(1st / 2nd Quarters 2008)

Sharpe Bros. Tops NC Airport Runway Work
(1st / 2nd Quarters 2008)

Vecellio & Grogan Puts Energy Into Power Plant Site Work
(1st / 2nd Quarters 2008)

Field Reporting System Saves Time, Paperwork
(1st / 2nd Quarters 2008)

VanGuards, Brochure Win Hermes, Inspire Awards
(1st / 2nd Quarters 2008)

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Group Achieves 100% Diamond Recognition
(4th Quarter 2007)

Vecellio Group CEO Is Elected ARTBA Chairman
(4th Quarter 2007)

Good Equipment, Great Personnel Make Blacktop Production  ‘Green’
(4th Quarter 2007)

Port Celebrates Grand Opening Of Diesel Terminal
(4th Quarter 2007)

Shop Team Plays It Safe, Passes One-Year Mark
(4th Quarter 2007)

Employees Step Up With Safer Access
(4th Quarter 2007)

Group Named Finalist For Contractor Safety Award
(4th Quarter 2007)

Foundation Provides $100,000 In Scholarships
(4th Quarter 2007)

White Rock Supports Annual Kids & Families Toy Drive
(4th Quarter 2007)

Coordination Keeps V&G on Top of Greensboro Work
(3rd Quarter 2007)

‘Billy Goats Gruff’ Take Toll On V&G Bridge Team
(3rd Quarter 2007)

Sharpe Bros. Reaches Safety Milestone
(3rd Quarter 2007)

“Eye In The Sky”
(3rd Quarter 2007)

Linda Figg Delivers 2007 Vecellio Lecture
(3rd Quarter 2007)

NC Bridge Job Puts V&G “On The Map”
(3rd Quarter 2007)

Vecenergy Provides Global Marketplace With Well-Integrated Services & Products
(1st / 2nd Quarter 2007)

Full Vertical Integration Leads To New Division
(1st / 2nd Quarter 2007)

Patented, Continuous Process Creates High-Quality Biodiesel
(1st / 2nd Quarter 2007)

Vecellio & Grogan Makes Excellent Progress On Complex Projects
(1st / 2nd Quarter 2007)

White Rock Reaches Top Of The Heap, Quarry Ranked Largest Producer In U.S.
(1st / 2nd Quarter 2007)

Vecellio Group Asphalt Plants Receive 'Green Diamond' Commendations
(1st Quarter 2007)

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Family Foundation Provides $110,000 In College Scholarships
(4th Quarter 2006)

Giving Back To The Community Helps Us All
(4th Quarter 2006)

Maj. Gen. Johnson Delivers 2006 Vecellio Lecture
(4th Quarter 2006)

White Rock Sponsors Relay For Life
(4th Quarter 2006)

$31 Million West Virginia Project Starts As North Carolina Bridge Work Ends
(3rd Quarter 2006)

V&G Acquires Greensboro-Based Sharpe Bros., Puts Asphalt Work Under Sharpe Name
(2nd Quarter 2006)

50 Years of Interstate Work Approaches $1 Billion For Vecellio Group
(2nd Quarter 2006)

V&G's North Carolina Division Puts GPS Technology To Work
(2nd Quarter 2006)

Vecellio Group Wins Awards For Magazines, Brochures, Websites
(1st Quarter 2006)

Florida's Largest Dragline Boosts Production At V&G Division
(1st Quarter 2006)

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Vecellio Group Adds South Florida Petroleum Services
(4th Quarter 2005)

Vecellio Foundation Tops $2 Million In Scholarships
(4th Quarter 2005)

VG Asphalt Plant Joins ‘Green Diamond’ Certification List
(4th Quarter 2005)

V&G Establishes NC Division After Years Of Service In Area
(3rd Quarter 2005)

VG Asphalt Celebrates First Anniversary
(3rd Quarter 2005)

Vecellio & Grogan "Moving The Earth" To Complete FedEx, Airport Projects
(3rd Quarter 2005)

VanWinkle Presents 2005 Vecellio Lecture
(3rd Quarter 2005)

“Men of Steel” Work 24/7 To Meet Bridge Deadline
(3rd Quarter 2005)

V&G Making Good Progress In Greensboro
(1st/2nd Quarter 2005)

Vecellio Group Moves Up In ENR Rankings
(1st/2nd Quarter 2005)

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Vecellio Family Foundation Nears $2 Million In Scholarships
(4th Quarter 2004)

V&G Among Region's Largest In Federal Highway Projects
(4th Quarter 2004)

VA-Tech Hears Vecellio Lecture
(4th Quarter 2004)

President Bush's Helicopter, V.P. Rally Use V&G's Hangar
(3rd Quarter 2004)

2004 Vecellio Lecture Delivered By Patricia Galloway
(3rd Quarter 2004)

Vecellio & Grogan Establishes Asphalt Division In NC
(3rd Quarter 2004)

V&G Lands Runway Preparation Job
(3rd Quarter 2004)

US-64 Realignment Project Nearing Completion In NC
(July 2004)

V&G Preparing Site For NC FedEx Cargo Hub
(July 2004)

Progress Continues On I-540 Construction In NC
(1st/2nd Quarter 2004)

V&G Improving Roads In WV National Park
(1st/2nd Quarter 2004)

Vecellio Group Moves Up In ENR's Top 400 Rankings
(1st/2nd Quarter 2004)

V&G Brochures, VanGuard Earn Communicator Awards
(1st/2nd Quarter 2004)

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Vecellio Family Foundation Awards $100,000 In College Scholarships
(4th Quarter 2003)

I-540 Work Underway In NC
(4th Quarter 2003)

Vecellio & Grogan Proves Great Site Work Is Part Art, Part Craft
(3rd Quarter 2003)

V&G Marks 24th Year In NC With $110 Million In Raleigh Contracts
(3rd Quarter 2003)

‘Green’ Bridge Techniques On Deck For I-540 Job In Raleigh, NC
(3rd Quarter 2003)

East Beckley Bypass Road
(3rd Quarter 2003)

Shucet Is Featured Speaker At Vecellio Lecture
(3rd Quarter 2003)

Vecellio Group Helps Fund Smithsonian Transportation Exhibit
(3rd Quarter 2003)

Public, Private Work Keeps V&G Busy
(1st / 2nd Quarter 2003)

SR-288 Richmond, VA, Project Photos
(1st / 2nd Quarter 2003)

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West’s Promotion To V.P. Emphasizes "Safety First” Message
(4th Quarter 2002)

Vecellio Family Foundation Awards $100,000 In Scholarships In 2002
(4th Quarter 2002)

Lecture Series Scores At VA-Tech
(4th Quarter 2002)

Vecellio & Grogan Building $40 Million NC Project
(3rd & 4th Quarter 2002)

On The Job Photos... SR-288/Richmond, VA
(3rd Quarter 2002)

V&G Assists With Flood Relief Work In VA
(3rd Quarter 2002; 3rd Quarter 2001)

Vecellio Group's VanGuard Magazine Wins Prestigious Communicator Awards
(3rd Quarter 2002)

V&G Awarded Second Richmond Contract
(2nd Quarter 2002)

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Bridge Work Underway On Richmond, VA, Project
(4th Quarter 2001)

V&G Applies Expertise To Quarry, Mine Work
(4th Quarter 2001)

First ‘Vecellio Lecture’ Given At Virginia Tech
(4th Quarter 2001)

Exec. V.P. Bill Medcalf Joins V&G, Adds Focus On Site Development
(3rd Quarter 2001)

V&G Awarded $47.6 Million Richmond Job 
(1st Quarter 2001)

A History Of Meeting BIG Challenges
(1st Quarter 2001)

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Vecellio & Grogan Builds Phase One Of Nation's First Hi-Tech "Smart Road"
(April 2000)

V&G Builds Runway Extension For SC Airport
(April 2000)

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