V&G Awarded $47.6 Million Richmond Job

Vecellio & Grogan had a great year in 2000, with a record volume of bids submitted by its estimating team, a record backlog of work going into 2001, and a record set for the highest single contract in company history, a new $47.6 million project in Richmond, VA.

Scheduled to start clearing work in mid-January, the Richmond job calls for new construction of approximately 4.5 miles at the northwest end of US-288, a four-lane perimeter beltway on the south side of Richmond.

The contract includes six bridges, a large box culvert, and 3.3 million cubic yards of excavation from a total of 10 cuts, ranging in size from 30,000 to 655,000 cubic yards. Also included is the construction of several side roads, access roads and ramps.

The company plans to hire local operators and laborers, but expects to use existing equipment and supervisors, led by Project Manager Ray Adkins.

The job is scheduled to finish by July 1, 2003.

vgestimThe V&G estimating team that worked
on the Richmond bid included, from L to R,
Matt Farley, David Delp, Mike Lively, Kelly
Ann Allen, Debbie Cooper and Roy Sizemore.

A History Of Meeting BIG Challenges

Taking on “supersized” projects is nothing new for Vecellio & Grogan. Here’s a look at some of the largest contracts performed over the past few decades.

$44.44 Million — In June 1988, V&G received this contract to build 5.6 miles of I-68 (U.S. 48) in Allegheny County, Maryland. The job included 5.57 million cubic yards of earthwork.

$33.29 Million — This project, known as Powell Mountain, was awarded in November 1995 as part of a series of jobs let on U.S. 19 in West Virginia. The contract called for moving 6.29 million cubic yards of dirt and rock in the construction of 3.22 miles of highway. V&G was also awarded a second Powell Mountain contract a month later for $8.37 million.

$31.88 Million — Awarded in September of 1983, this contract, known as the “Sullivan” job, called for building 5.7 miles of I-77 in Raleigh County, West Virginia. A total of 4.86 million cubic yards were moved on the project.

$25.67 Million — Known as “McCorkle,” this October 1978 contract involved building 2.83 miles of U.S. 119 in Boone County, West Virginia, with 6.5 million cubic yards of excavation.


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