Mine Prep & Reclamation

Vecellio & Grogan Has Extensive Mine Site Preparation & Reclamation Experience

Vecellio & Grogan’s extensive experience includes all facets of mine site preparation and reclamation services.

Founded in 1938, our company lineage includes owning and operating major mining sites ourselves, so we are uniquely positioned to understand your needs throughout the process. From initial preparation and overburden removal, to retention ponds, lined impoundment ponds, even access road and bridge construction, Vecellio & Grogan is ready to serve your mine site needs – and that includes follow-up care for the entire site.

After all, respect for the land and its mineral resources means honoring all applicable reclamation standards and regulations. Our services extend to complete mine site remediation and reclamation as well. We help bring the land back to a state of renewal and growth.

Because we understand the mining industry like few others, we are able to find cost-effective solutions for all of your mine site needs.

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