Emergency Slide Clearing

Call Vecellio & Grogan For Emergency Slide Clearing & Repair

Rock or mud slides on public highways or streets can seriously jeopardize the traveling public. Call Vecellio & Grogan at (304) 252-6575 for prompt assistance clearing roadways and making sure it’s safe for traffic to resume.

Vecellio & Grogan operates throughout the Mid-Atlantic states and beyond. We have decades of experience and one of the largest equipment fleets in the region. Our knowledgeable engineering staff and highly skilled operators can get on the scene promptly to implement the safest and most efficient solution.

Night or day, we’re ready. This this type of work can require round-the-clock excavation and earthmoving services, as well as drilling and blasting to remove larger materials that are blocking a roadway. We can also safely re-slope or re-face adjacent terrain to minimize the potential for further slides.

We provide the same high level of service for private-sector projects. If the extremes of Mother Nature, or perhaps the unsuccessful efforts of a less experienced contractor, have compromised your commercial or mining project’s earth walls or slopes, we can take action on short notice to make the necessary repairs. We provide efficient excavation, grading, drainage and erosion control services to restore operations to capacity. Don’t delay if signs of failure have begun to appear!

Call Vecellio & Grogan at (304) 252-6575. Vecellio & Grogan adds substantial value-engineering to both public works and industry projects. We make sure the job gets done safely, properly and as quickly as possible.

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