West’s Promotion To V.P. Emphasizes “Safety First” Message

The Vecellio Group has a proud history of successfully serving the contracting industry. There’’s nothing like looking back on a completed highway, street or site development job and knowing you were part of making it happen!

But the industry also carries the risk of injury unless proper safety procedures are followed at all times. It is everyone’s job to reduce this risk by learning and applying approved safety methods and techniques.

         John West

To implement an increased emphasis on safety, John West has been promoted to Vice President of Safety for the Vecellio Group. John was formerly Safety Director for Ranger Construction, a Vecellio Group company.

Each operating unit at Ranger now has its own Safety Director, who reports to John in his new capacity.

At Vecellio & Grogan, the Group’s flagship company based in Beckley, WV, new Safety Director Ray Montaigne reports to Dan Castrodale, V&G’s Vice President of Equipment and Safety.

At V&G’s White Rock Quarries in Miami, FL, Quarry Superintendent Steve Hale oversees the company’s excellent safety program.

Throughout the Vecellio Group, our safety departments are charged with monitoring company operations and job sites to ensure that proper safety methods and training procedures are used at all times.

It is a company policy that all employees are to give full attention and support to the Safety Department, follow all safety rules, and report any hazard to the appropriate supervisor or safety personnel.

Vecellio Family Foundation Awards $100,000 In Scholarships In 2002
(4th Quarter 2002)

The Vecellio Family Foundation (VFF) has announced the recipients of its 30th annual college scholarship program, which in 2002 awarded 10 scholarships of $10,000 each — for a total of $100,000 awarded.

The scholarships provide each recipient with $2,500 per year, in care of the chosen college or university, for a total of four years.

VFF is a charitable organization established by the principals of The Vecellio Group, one of the nation’s leading contracting groups.

Scholarship recipients were selected by independent review boards not connected with VFF, the Vecellio Group or any of its companies.

       Katie Bell

Two of the awards were given through the Employee Scholarship Program for dependents of Vecellio Group employees. These recipients were:

•Mary Kathleen Bell, daughter of Johnson Bell, a superintendent for Vecellio & Grogan.

Mary is a graduate of Greenbrier East High School in West Virginia. She plans to attend a college or university in the Mid-Atlantic region and major in speech pathology.

  Charlie Jose Ferrer

•Charlie Jose Ferrer, son of Jose Ferrer, a truck driver for our Miami asphalt plant.

Charlie, a graduate of Barbara Goleman Senior High School in Miami, expects to attend Florida International University and major in computer engineering.Scholarships were also presented to eight other individuals, all from high schools in West Virginia, where Vecellio & Grogan has operated for more than 60 years.

Scholarships were also presented to eight other individuals, all from high schools in West Virginia, where Vecellio & Grogan has operated for more than 60 years.

Jeffrey M. Richmond of Beaver, representing Shady Spring High School, has been selected to receive a Leo A. Vecellio, Sr. Memorial Scholarship, named in honor of Vecellio & Grogan’s co-founder and the father of Vecellio Group CEO Leo Vecellio, Jr.

Liberty High School graduate Heather Nicole Dillon, of Beckley, also received a Leo A. Vecellio, Sr. Memorial Scholarship.

Representing Woodrow Wilson High School are three scholarship winners, all from Beckley: Megan Stark, who received a Rick Vecellio Memorial Scholarship, named to honor the late brother of Leo Vecellio, Jr.;  Emily Traube, who was granted a Leo A. Vecellio, Sr. Memorial Scholarship; and Christopher Cooper, who received an Al Janutolo Memorial Scholarship, named for a long-time Vecellio & Grogan employee.

From Independence High School, Ashleigh Prince of Beckley received a Leo A. Vecellio, Sr. Memorial Scholarship.

In McDowell County, representing Mt. View High School, Jennifer Raelynn Bailey of Welch was awarded a Dr. Dante Castrodale Memorial Scholarship, named in honor of Leo A. Vecellio Sr.’s brother-in-law, who served as a physician in the McDowell County area for many years.

The winner of the annual Youth Conservation award is Mendy Jo Stover of Liberty, who received the Rick Vecellio Memorial Conservation Scholarship.



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