Public, Private Work Keeps V&G Busy

Vecellio & Grogan construction crews are making excellent progress on major highway projects in Virginia and North Carolina.

V&G is nearing completion on a 4.5-mile segment of SR-288, a four-lane perimeter beltway just outside Richmond, Virginia.

In North Carolina, crews have finished a 3.8-mile section of US-221 near Linville, while work continues on US-64 in Wake County, just outside Raleigh.

Well-known for performing highway work, V&G also provides cost-effective site development services for the private sector. The company recently completed work on several noteworthy private-sector projects.

West Virginia’s renowned Tamarack arts & crafts center, located along I-77 in Beckley, underwent a recent expansion, with V&G performing the site development. The project included 124,000 c.y. of excavation, along with drainage, demolition and clearing.

V&G also performed site work for Jim C. Hamer Lumber Company in Mount Hope, WV. The seven-week site expansion project included excavation and slope dressing.

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