I-540 Project • Raleigh, NC

Above: To minimize environmental impact on V&G’s I-540 highway construction project in Raleigh, NC, crews are building a temporary work platform from which to build twin bridge spans over Beaverdam Lake. After the bridges are built, the work platform will be disassembled and moved to Neuse River for construction of another set of spans over that waterway. The platform will then be dismantled and removed.

Above left: Hoe Operator Marion Neville, running a Cat 5110 with a 12-c.y. bucket, loads a Cat 777C Haul Truck operated by Don Chandler on Vecellio & Grogan’s I-540 project in Raleigh, NC.

Above: Pipe Foreman Roger Stanley’s crew lays drainage pipe near an exit ramp on Vecellio & Grogan’s I-540 project. A drainage structure will be built in place, enclosing the four pipes in the foreground.

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                              V&G Improving Roadway In New River National Park, WV                                      (1st/2nd Quarter 2004)

Vecellio & Grogan is making improvements to two miles of roadway in New River National Park in Prince, WV, under a contract with the Federal Highway Administration.

Crews are building five “pile lagging” walls along the downhill side of the roadway to reinforce it. The walls are constructed of steel “H” pilings driven vertically into the rock to a depth of 10′, with white oak timber laggings laid in place horizontally to a height of 16′. Fill rock will be added behind the wall to complete the reinforcement.

The project also includes drainage improvements. An underdrain was laid beneath the swale on the uphill side, with asphalt paving planned for sections of the swale with less than one percent slope.

Crushed stone will be placed and compacted to make the road’s surface.

The design-build project, performed in conjunction with Engineering 2000, is due for completion in November.

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