V&G’s North Carolina Division Puts GPS Technology To Work


Vecellio & Grogan GPS grading system
Vecellio & Grogan crews receive a demonstration of the GPS technology being used on grading equipment on the FedEx and I-540 projects in Greensboro, NC.

Global positioning system technology (GPS) is changing the way heavy/highway construction is performed, and Vecellio & Grogan’s North Carolina Division is showing its full potential on the I-540 and FedEx jobs in Greensboro.

GPS units installed on the dozers and motor graders stay in constant communication with satellites that track their position by latitude, longitude and elevation. The information is converted into an image on the display unit, showing the Equipment Operator in real time where and how much cut and fill is needed.

Customers in both the public and private sectors appreciate the way the system improves efficiency, shortens work schedules and practically eliminates rework. The system allows precise grading without even the need for stakes in most cases. The many benefits of GPS assures it will have an increasing role in the future of the business.

As technology continues to lay the groundwork for more efficient construction performance, the Vecellio Group remains at the forefront in putting it to good use.


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