V&G Applies Expertise To Quarry, Mine Work

When Vecellio & Grogan promises to “move the earth” for its customers, that’s exactly what they do. Among other projects, V&G is prosecuting two overburden removal jobs, one for a limestone quarry, the other for a coal-mining operation.

The company also has performed a number of site development jobs in the second half of 2001.

V&G draws from its decades of experience to provide customers in a variety of industries and sectors with consistent, high quality results. In the mining industry, customers appreciate V&G’s direct knowledge of their needs, derived from the company’s previous ownership of mining operations.

Examples of V&G’s extensive mine preparation capabilities
are shown in these photos. Above is a mine face-up project
at Elk Run, while below is a coal mine development project
at Cline. Both operations are located in West Virginia.


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