East Beckley Bypass Road

Vecellio & Grogan is building a one-mile section of four-lane bypass road off US-19 in East Beckley, WV. The project includes excavation, grading, drainage, and the construction of a retaining wall.

Flaggers Roy Tingler and Roger Hogan stop traffic for Haul Truck Driver Chrisetta King on V&G’s East Beckley Bypass project.

Dozer Operator Alvin Hoke spreads material in an undercut area, filling it with more suitable material from another part of the job. The black fabric stabilizes the undercut during the replacement process.

Hoe Operator David Elmore removes debris from a demolished building. In the rear, Water Truck Driver Robert Willis dampens the material to control airborne particles.

Project Superintendent Steve Adkins talks with Sterling Peek, a retired V&G Foreman who temporarily helped out on the job.

Haul Truck Driver James Fox, in a Cat 777, gets material from Loader Operator Jerry Miller, while Dozer Operator Rick Fox pushes the dirt forward for loading.



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