V&G Projects Boost Group’s Ranking In Federal Highway Contracts

As one of the nation’s leading heavy/highway contractors, the Vecellio Group received nearly $94 million in federal highway contracts in one year, making it the country’s 20th largest federal highway contractor, reports the November-December 2004 Transportation Builder.

West Virginia-based Vecellio & Grogan received nearly $67 million in federal contracts for the year 2003, ranking it 5th in its region, while sister company Ranger Construction Industries, based in Florida, landed almost $27 million, ranking it 14th for its region.

The data was presented in the magazine’s annual ranking of the country’s Top 300 Federal Highway Contractors, as compiled from the previous year.

In addition to highway projects, Vecellio Group companies also perform road construction, site development, asphalt contracting, golf course construction and limestone aggregate production for its public- and private-sector customers.

Transportation Builder is published bi-monthly by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA).

                                                       VA-Tech Hears Vecellio Lecture                                                              (4th Quarter 2004)

2004 Vecellio Lecture: Patricia Galloway, Michael Vecellio

Michael Vecellio chats with Patricia Galloway after her presentation of the 2004 Vecellio Lecture at Virginia Tech. Ms. Galloway is CEO of Nielson-Wurster Group and President of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The annual lecture is part of the school’s Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program, the result of a generous endowment by the Vecellio Family Foundation and individual family members.


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