Providing Excellent Value Is at the Core of Our Diversified Operations

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Leo A. Vecellio, Jr.

Leo A. Vecellio, Jr.
Vecellio Group, Inc. President, Chairman
and CEO

Businesses are built around different strategies based on the philosophy of the founders.

The Vecellio Group’s business philosophy is simple, starting with my grandfather, Enrico Vecellio, and continuing to the fourth generation with Christopher and Michael fully involved in daily executive leadership. We take pride in providing high-quality results for our customers at a fair and reasonable price. No second-rate services, no questionable “deals,” just dependable, cost-effective results.

Providing exceptional value has been a key factor in our growth over the decades and has earned us a trusted reputation in the industries we serve.

We also stay keenly aware of the changing trends in these industries. We have remained flexible, taking growth steps when and where we are able, while adjusting to adverse market conditions as necessary. On the legislative front, contractors and materials suppliers support passage of a robust, long-term surface transportation bill and believe it will significantly benefit the U.S. economy. We fully support this.

Over the last decade we have diversified well beyond heavy/highway and materials to broaden our operations. Our Vecenergy division continues to explore and develop new growth opportunities in the energy sector. We welcome our new business units in Alabama and Georgia and look forward to further developments in this sector.

Throughout our Group, we are committed to providing excellent value to our customers while working safely and efficiently, and we appreciate everyone’s focused efforts in this regard.

                     Group Recognizes 145 Supervisors In Annual Safety Awards Program                  (1st/2nd Quarter 2011)

The Vecellio Group has an active safety training and monitoring program, starting at the corporate level and extending to each of its operating units, with dedicated safety personnel working hard to create and maintain the safest possible working environment.

Through the Group’s annual Supervisor Safety Awards program, the companies formally recognize supervisors who perform at the highest levels based on criteria tracked throughout the year.

In 2010, the companies honored 145 supervisors, categorized into four high-level tiers of recognition, for their safety leadership and efforts to keep their crews and jobsites as safe as possible throughout the year.

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