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Highway & Runway Construction

Established in 1938, Vecellio & Grogan is a leading heavy/highway contractor in the mid-Atlantic states and beyond, providing new construction and widening of major roads, highways, Interstate sections, complex interchanges, and airport runways and taxiways. We also build bridges, retaining walls and drainage structures.

Expert Construction Of Bridges & Walls

Vecellio & Grogan’s heavy/highway expertise includes complete construction of bridges, embankments, retaining walls, and drainage structures.

We also build seawalls, docks, and other marina projects through Hal Jones Contractor, the newest division of Vecellio & Grogan, Inc., acquired in early 2018. 

V&G Provides Expert Drainage Solutions For Your Project

From erosion and sediment control measures while a project is built, to drainage structures and retention ponds that handle ongoing water management needs, Vecellio & Grogan will safely and effectively address all project concerns, and meet all applicable guidelines and regulations.

Site Development Services

Selecting a site contractor? Consider more than just a “dirt cheap” price, or it can end up costing you a lot more, in both time and money. Get the BEST VALUE with Vecellio & Grogan’s full range of site development services, available at an honest, cost-effective price.

Complete Mine Preparation & Reclamation Services

Vecellio & Grogan’s extensive heavy/highway construction experience includes all facets of mine site preparation and reclamation. We are uniquely positioned to understand your needs, from initial preparation, to active site services, to bringing the land back to a state of renewal and growth.

Emergency Slide Clearing & Repair

When rock or mud slides block traffic or threaten traveling safety, or urgent repairs are needed to earth walls, slopes, retention ponds or roadways, call Vecellio & Grogan, your emergency partner. We can mobilize quickly and work around the clock, if needed, to provide clearing and repair services. Call us toll-free at (800) 255-6575.

  • Highways & Runways
  • Bridges & Walls
  • Drainage & Ponds
  • Site Development
  • Mine Prep & Reclamation
  • Emergency Slide Clearing

For All Your Heavy/Civil/Marine Construction Needs


Vecellio & Grogan is a Heavy/Highway Contractor serving the Mid-Atlantic States and beyond since 1938, offering:

AISC Certified Erector

We have been serving our valued customers with "Excellence in Contracting" for more than 80 years.

You can have confidence in the high level of performance and safety that extends to every team member, including carefully screened and selected subcontractors. (Subcontractors: Get Prequalified)

With headquarters in West Virginia and divisions in the Carolinas, Vecellio & Grogan operates throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States and beyond. Our services include expert excavation, grading, utilities, bridge and road construction.

Visit our News & Photos section for interesting project and company news. See our PDF brochures for more information about our heavy/highway contracting and site development services, and bridge construction capabilities as your design-build partner or bridge subcontractor.

PICT2266_0130-copyFrom building an entire segment of Interstate highway to complete site development work for commercial, industrial or energy-related ventures, we have a virtually unlimited bonding capacity to perform projects of any size.

Our high-level of performance and safety-first attitude extend to every team member, including carefully screened and selected subcontractors.

You will get consistent, high-quality results with Vecellio & Grogan, on time and within budget. This commitment is backed by more than seven decades of proven success.

A Reputation For Quality & Integrity

Since our establishment in 1938, Vecellio & Grogan has earned a reputation for quality and integrity. Even when tackling the most difficult projects, we distinguish ourselves through creative solutions and quality workmanship, often setting new standards for a rapidly changing industry.

PICT2297_0028-copyOur long track record of success speaks for itself, providing a testimony of our ability to execute projects with skill, responsibility and integrity.

Starting with a small street project in Beckley, West Virginia, Vecellio & Grogan, Inc. has grown throughout the Southeastern United States and beyond to become one of the nation's Top 400 contractors, as ranked by Engineering News-Record. (Please see

And while we're widely known for our expertise with large earth-moving projects, V&G has also earned a reputation for its construction of bridges, retaining walls and other concrete-related work.

A Tradition of Excellence

VG-Tamarack-June-2003-004bThis tradition of excellence continues today. Our work has included jobs as diverse as complete retail site development, coal-mine and energy industry site preparation, bridge and highway construction, and airport runway construction.

We are also known for building the inaugural section of the Nation's first "Smart Road" in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Vecellio & Grogan Is Ready To Serve You

vghardy_pm_hoe777We have the experience and equipment to assure high-quality, on-time construction of virtually any size project. From highway construction through rugged mountains, to excavation and development of coal or natural gas sites, to expert site work for commercial, industrial or residential projects, we're here to serve your needs.

Call our toll-free number today at (800) 255-6575 for a prompt review of your next project and a free, no obligation quote.

To contact V&G North Carolina or Sharpe Bros., please call (336) 235-2756.