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V&G Projects Boost Group’s Ranking In Federal Highway Contracts

As one of the nation’s leading heavy/highway contractors, the Vecellio Group received nearly $94 million in federal highway contracts in one year, making it the country’s 20th largest federal highway contractor, reports the November-December 2004 Transportation Builder. West Virginia-based Vecellio & Grogan received nearly $67 million in federal contracts for the year 2003, ranking it…

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Vecellio Family Foundation Nears $2 Million In Scholarships

“Giving back to the community” is not just a cliché for the Vecellio Group. It’s a fact, with more than $1.96 million in college scholarships awarded thus far by its charity arm, the Vecellio Family Foundation. “We believe in the value of a good education and in giving back to the communities where our company’s…

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