Ranger Crews Work to Improve Traffic Flow in Central Florida

Vecellio & Grogan’s sister company, Ranger Construction, is working with the Central Florida Expressway Authority to remove two bridges on FL-528, and reconstruct the roadway with embankment, limerock, and asphalt. The current work is the construction of the median cross-over to divert traffic for the demolition of the bridge. This requires excavation and embankment followed…

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Murray Logan Construction Becomes the Newest Vecellio Group Member

Murray Logan Construction became the newest member of the Vecellio Group in the last quarter of 2021. The heavy and marine construction company was founded in 1968 by Murray D. Logan, and is currently building a pump station in western Palm Beach County. Vecellio & Grogan (V&G) ramped up after the winter slow down with…

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Ranger’s Work For Vecenergy, Among Other Port Everglades Upgrades, Making Way For Larger Ships

Ranger Mechanical Services, a group within Ranger Construction (sister company of Vecellio & Grogan), is working with Vecenergy’s South Florida Petroleum Services to relocate and upgrade Berth 9 fuel offloading infrastructure. The work is part of Port Everglades’ multi-year expansion plans to increase capacity for today’s larger ships.  Port Everglades will expand Slip 1, where…

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Crews At Work: Companies Ramp Up Safety While Providing Range Of Essential Services

The companies and divisions of the Vecellio Group have adapted to the challenges of working safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic, adding important protocols to their work environments and safety procedures to stay in compliance with CDC and OSHA/MSHA guidelines.  Also featured in this issue, Ranger Construction and Vecellio & Grogan continue their work on Virgin…

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V&G, Ranger Team Up; CEO Named To WV Business Hall of Fame

V&G, Ranger Team Up; Leo Vecellio, Jr. Named To WV Business Hall of Fame(1st/2nd Quarter 2019) Two Vecellio companies are working together in central Florida to build a section of FL-429 known as Wekiva Parkway. Ranger Construction is providing excavation, grading, embankment walls and paving services, while Vecellio & Grogan is performing the bridge work, elevating…

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Vecellio & Grogan Still ‘Growing Strong’ After 80 Years

Vecellio & Grogan Still ‘Growing Strong’ After 80 Years (1st/2nd Quarter 2018) Vecellio & Grogan this year celebrates 80 years of service to the transportation construction industry, with expansion into other markets and industries as well in more recent decades, including through corporate parent Vecellio Group. V&G’s latest acquisition is new division Hal Jones Contractor, which…

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Vecellio & Grogan On Home Stretch Of ‘Western Loop’

Vecellio & Grogan On Home Stretch Of ‘Western Loop’ (1st/2nd Quarter 2017) Vecellio & Grogan is nearing the final stages on a four-mile, $123-million section of future I-785/I-840, a six-lane outer beltway under construction around Greensboro, NC. V&G’s section, known as the Western Loop, includes substantial bridge work, including an elevated section of roadway over existing wetlands.…

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Ground Control: Ranger Lands Airport Projects, Meets High Expectations, Departs On Schedule

Ground Control: Ranger Lands Airport Projects, Meets High Expectations, Departs On Schedule (1st/2nd Quarter 2016) Building and paving roads is already a demanding profession, but when the “roads” are used for launching and landing airborne traffic, things get racheted up to an even higher level of precision. Ranger Construction is known across Central and Southeast Florida…

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